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The Credit-Check Difference

  Credit-Check is a full service collection agency in Marquette, MI. Established in 1975, we have forged strong relationships with each of our regional clients by consistently striving to gain an understanding of their revenue cycle challenges and devising solutions that maximize their bad debt recovery with minimal impact to public relations. Our staff of certified professional collectors, utilizing leading-edge technology and our own innovative collection processes, have historically achieved recovery levels well above the national average.

If we do not collect your money, our service is free.
Our Professional Collectors
  Our professional collectors are experts at what they do. They are selected, trained and rewarded as career professionals, not minimum wage or seasonal employees.
  Our exceptional employee retention is the core of our success and is one of the many things that differentiate us from other agencies.
  To become a collector one must go through a rigorous, multi-step employee selection process. This process includes an in-depth assessment of a candidate's background, personality fit and problem solving skills in relation to the collector position. All assessment tools have been designed and validated by Stang Decision Systems.
  New hires are provided with extensive training prior to contact with consumers. Training is focused on the legal, ethical and effective collection of past-due debt.
Our service doesn't cost, it pays!
Real-Time Client Service
  • Tracker - Payment Plan Monitoring
      You negotiate the monthly payment amount and we handle the rest. If the payment plan defaults, the account automatically goes straight to collections.
  • Final Billing - Third-Party Impact
      When we send your final notice on our letterhead, you save the expense and get a full third-party impact.
  • Collections - Professional Recovery
      We don't BERATE - we NEGOTIATE. Our collectors are certified through the American Collectors Association.
  • Legal-Attorney-Based Debt Recovery
      With your case-by-case authorization, we will retain an attorney on your behalf, assist the attorney with your caseload, and utilize the collection tools available through the court system's judgement, garnishment and lein process.
  • Custom Consulting Programs
      Decades of experience in the recovery industry are at your disposal.
Leading-Edge Technologies
  • Web Portal
      Our full-featured, user friendly and fully secured portal allows our clients to submit, review, modify, and receive data about the accounts they have listed. Secure, convenient access 24/7 by consumers allows them to review or pay their accounts with all major credit cards, debit cards or checking accounts.

      Please Note: All credit card processing and ACH fees are included in the cost of our programs.
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call Recording
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Dynamic Analytics Reporting
  • Electronic Credit Reporting
  • Full Service I.T. Support
  • Data Format Translation
Are you ready to make a change?
  While we cannot promise to collect every penny of debt owed, we can pledge to resolve every debt you list with our agency. We use state-of-the-art technologies to access data not available to you to locate, financially vet, verify and negotiate with our combined interests in mind. We determine their ability and willingness to pay. The two are often entirely different matters.
  How much do you pay for our services? Nothing, until we successfully collect your money. We make an immediate investment into each account you list for collections. Recovery of our combined investment is our incentive to recover your money. We don't get paid until you do. How many service providers offer you that deal?
  Everybody deserves to be paid for their work. Your customers accepted your goods and services in exchange for the promise of payment. You have earned the right to be paid. Let us hold them accountable while you focus on building your business. Let us earn our right to be paid for OUR services.
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