Technology has not only changed the course of business – it has given people freedom. Quality of service no longer needs to come from a business in your backyard. You have the freedom to choose the best company for the job. Credit-Check has been in business since 1975. We have topped the charts in our area of expertise with quality service, care, and with results that outmatch the national average by over 15 percent, annually. We have proved this locally. Now, we are ready to spread our talents and work ethic across the globe.

But you’re based where?
That’s an excellent question.

We’re located in Marquette, Michigan for several reasons. This community offers a safe, healthy, and family-oriented lifestyle. In fact, last year, Lifestyle Magazine voted Marquette as one of America’s top ten cities to live in.

We are a diverse community that borders the beautiful Lake Superior. We boast over 500 miles of breathtaking walking, hiking, and biking trails. We thrive on outdoor activities year-round, from skiing and snowmobiling to fishing and hunting. From businesses, to brewpubs, to local theaters, Marquette offers an eclectic charm and vivacity that penetrates the hearts of residents and visitors, alike.

Geographically, we remain of Rural America’s best kept secrets. This is why Credit-Check chooses Marquette – for all of those reasons and more, but also because we are only a mere click away from anywhere you need us to be. We’re excited to assist you and can’t wait to use our small-town values, integrity, work ethic, business acumen, and enthusiasm to help make your business thrive.